Revised and approved 09/16/19
Rules pertain to all table holders, members and public attending the T.S.G.C. shows

The Tri-State Gun Collectors' Show Rules

A Non-Profit Corporation.  Member Owned.  N.R.A. Affiliated

​Shows are the

first full weekend of the month,

October thru May.

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1) ALL firearms must be tied with plastic wire ties so that the gun is INOPERABLE. Clips and magazines must be removed from all guns and not replaced until after show hours on Sunday. HandgunsMUST be tied to the table with cord, cable or displayed within a glass case. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2) All guns must be and remain unloaded and tied. This includes air guns and muzzle loaders. This means no live ammo, blanks, empties, or snap caps put in any part of the gun, clip or magazine. This includes
ALL CCW permit holders. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3) Exhibitors with guns, ammunition, powder, primers, or knives MAY NOT leave their tables unattended during show hours open to the public.
ALL fully automatic weapons exhibited at the show must be deactivated according to State and Federal government specifications. If the weapon is in firing condition, it must be licensed and accompanied by the legal owner. Also, the proper license must be displayed with the firearm.
5) Weapons or ammunition too large to be classed as small arms must have written approval of the Board of Directors prior to displaying them at the show.
6) Gun powder in sealed container. Black powder is prohibited in buildings due to Fire, State and Federal laws.
7) All knives, bayonets, cutlery, and anything with a sharp or pointed edge must be sheathed or taped, in order to prevent injury.
8) Stun guns are allowed with a prior obtained permission slip from Security and said slip is visible on the vendors table. Stun guns also
MUST have the batteries removed and be displayed under glass. NO EXCEPTIONS!
9) No exhibitors shall sell firearms, ammunition or reloading components to any person when the exhibitor has a reasonable believe that the purchaser is intending to purchase the item(s) for someone else that is unable to legally purchase these items (prohibited person). This transaction is better known as a
SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT (75%) of the table contents must be gun, hunting, military, or knife related.
11) Tables must be covered with appropriate covering for their protection, and vendor products must be covered during non-show hours.
12) All doors must be free and clear at all times in accordance with fire regulations, both inside and outside of the building.
13) No animals, except for service/therapy animals, allowed in buildings. All canines must be leashed and be properly licensed. Persons utilizing service/therapy animals shall maintain complete control of the animals, and will need to exit the building if complete control is deemed less than adequate. Security is permitted to ask to see the license, per Allen County Dog Warden.
14) No alcoholic beverages/illegal drugs. Persons deemed impaired shall leave the premises.
15) No gun hawking and dealing at the doors. Absolutely no dealing outside the buildings.
16) Absolutely no subletting of tables. Anyone selling firearms behind a table must be a member. Each table holder may have one helper at a show that does not need to be a member. Every helper must have a helper badge on at all times. Table holders must wear their membership badges at all times.
17) All picture, video, and audio recording devices are prohibited without prior written permission from the Board of Directors.
18) Exhibitors must be out of the building within 2-1/2 hours after the close of the Sunday show.
19) Overhead doors are to remain closed during show hours. Exceptions: emergencies with Security present or for ventilation; which has been locked by Security, making the door unable to open further than 10 inches. Exhibitors wishing to leave during show hours must do so through entrance doors. Exhibitors wishing to leave on Saturday after show hours may do so through overhead doors only if Security is present.
20) All table holders must be present by 9 AM on the morning of the Saturday show or they will be considered a no-show and their tables will be forfeited and rented to someone else, unless prior arrangements have been made.
21) Table holders, members and public are responsible for knowing and following all Federal, State and local laws.
22) A licensed dealer is required to display a copy of their FFL‘s.
23) The Tri-State Gun Collectors’ show Security unit has final say on all safety/security issues. Rules will be enforced by the Board of Directors, Show Manager and Show 24) 24) Any person who violates any of these rules may have their tables and/or membership revoked.
25) Show will close at 2 PM on Sunday of holiday weekend.
26) There is a limit of 4 guns per person being brought into the show at any one time.
27) The only wheeled vehicle permitted to be used inside of the building during show hours shall be those SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED, CONSTRUCTED and UTILIZED for human mobility while attending the show.
28) These show rules are for the safety/security of the table holders, members and public attending our show as well as to uphold the integrity of the Tri-State Gun Collectors, Inc.