​Shows are the

first full weekend of the month,

October thru May.

A Non-Profit Corporation.  Member Owned.  N.R.A. Affiliated


February 2018 T.S.G.C. – 61 Years

Picnic July 28, 2018 – Reservation Deadline June 15, 2018 – No Exceptions

The Board of Directors and officers of T.S.G.C are striving to assure that the club remains a strong organization financially. We have made several cutbacks to control our expenses. Everyone must be aware and realize that we are not having the really big shows that we had a few years ago under a different political administration. All other gun shows in our area are feeling this crunch as well. For that reason, the board is making changes – not because we want to – it is absolutely necessary that we make changes as our expenses continue to increase.

The Board of directors is always looking for people to serve on the board. If anyone is interested, please talk to any of the directors.

I want everyone to understand that increasing our rates for membership was something we didn’t want to do, but we all felt was necessary.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tom Baeumel
Treasurer, T.S.G.C.

From Our Directors