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Application deadline is April 1st
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Tri-State Gun Collectors, Inc.
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Legal Name of Organization_________________________________________

Is your organization tax exempt under IRS 501(c)(3)?      

      YES____ NO____

      A) If YES, please attach IRS letter with EIN# to this form

      B) If NO, is your organization part of a municipality or other government organization, name of  

          associated entity:________________________________


City__________________  State__________  Zip____________                                     

Authorized Contact Person_____________________________




Type of Organization_______________Year Founded_______

Operating Budget for this year__________________________
Bank Account Balances________________________________


Primary Source of Funds_______________________________


How will this grant be used_________________________________________________________________________________



Will the project be continued if the funds are not granted ________


Who and how many are served by the organization________________________________________________________________



No. of volunteers in organization _____Paid employees_____




Use this space to write more pertinent information if needed

Tri-State Gun Collectors, Inc. Grant Application

A Non-Profit Corporation.  Member Owned.  N.R.A. Affiliated

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