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Are the good people of Ohio going to allow out of state billionaires and organizations to dictate legislation to end buying, selling, and/or trading legal guns at gun shows? Or, are we going to stick together in defeating these campaigns that are slowly eating away our Constitutional rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment?

New York billionaire  Michael Bloomberg is working State by State to destroy your rights as a gun owner. Background checks for all gun transactions is another step towards registration and eventually leads to the Federal government knowing where every gun is and who owns them. What do you think that will lead to?

Fresh off a victory in Washington State, a leading gun control group (Everytown for Gun Safety) backed by the billionaire Michael Bloomberg is hoping to make Oregon its next prize in a campaign to require all gun sales to go through universal background checks.

“Everytown for Gun Safety” backed a voter-approved initiative in Washington last year that made the state the 17th in the country to expand background checks past the federal standard applying only to licensed gun dealers. “This is our top priority,” said the group’s spokeswoman, Erika Soto Lamb.

The organization came out of a merger last year between Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It has been spending tens of millions of dollars on political operations. Now its attention is on Oregon, where the state legislature narrowly failed to pass legislation two years running to require background checks for private gun sales.

According to state records, “Everytown” spent nearly $600,000 on the 2014 election – $450,000 in contributions to candidates and committees, and $110,000 on other grassroots efforts. Part of that was devoted to strengthening the Democratic majority in the state Senate, the key battleground.

Oregon Senate judiciary chairman Floyd Prozanski plans to introduce legislation to expand that to private gun sales. The bill would require anyone selling a gun privately to call state police for a background check on criminal history and mental illness. It would exclude sales among family members, inheritances and antique guns.

All TSGC members and table holders better stick together and dig in to keep our legislators from falling for the same lies that these other states have swallowed. We need to work together with the NRA on defeating any bills introduced that would put any more restrictions on legal purchases of firearms. I encourage you to write or call your legislators, Senators, and the Governor.

I have talked to many buyers and traders who will pack up and leave or quit going to shows if it requires the feds to approve every gun transaction. These good folks are not trying to hide any criminal activity. It’s Bloomberg’s obsession to disarm America and take our freedoms from us. We have the best gun show in northwest Ohio. I hope we don’t lose it in the near future.

Submitted by TSGC Life Member:                                                          William G. Kimmel